Grow Management

Leave your clipboard behind!

We deliver an easy-to-use, yet flexible, grow management platform that helps you easily track your plants through the entire cultivation and processing life-cycle. No more manual data-entry and tracking down data entry errors.

Effortless Harvest Management

Creating harvest batches has never been easier.

Our RFID-enabled handheld connects to supported scales and automatically captures the wet weight of plants during harvest. All your staff needs to do is confirm the weight and we take care of the rest.

Rapid Facility Audits

Audit your inventory in minutes instead of hours!

Harness the power of RFID and never have to locate a plant tag again in order to scan or write down the plant’s ID. We fully support the METRC plant tag and can read thousands of ID’s in minutes.  You can rest assured that your inventory is where you say it is.

Grower’s Dashboard

See what’s going on at-a-glance

Our platform provides you easy-to-understand key performance indicators about your cultivation so you can focus on your primary task – growing quality cannabis!

Let’s talk and see how we can help your operation streamline compliance and & improve employee efficiency.

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