Yobi Has One Goal:

Simplify the Cannabis Business Ecosystem.

Our sophisticated, user-friendly software streamlines and automates inventory management at all levels—from cultivation to retail—helping licensed operators grow their businesses by making their lives easier and taking the headaches out of compliance and customer relationship management (CRM).

Certified in all METRC states

METRC is the most-trusted partner for state that have implemented a legal cannabis market. They were the first company selected by Colorado in 2014 and have since expanded into twelve other states.

Yobi is a certified third-party integrator across the supply chain and we have integrated our platform to communicate directly to METRC.

There’s no need for you manually manage or use CSV files to keep your data current between our solution and your state’s compliance system.

What do you communicate to METRC?

  • Create Harvest Batch
  • Create Packages from Harvest Batch
  • Remove Waste from Harvest Batch
  • Finish a Harvest Batch
  • Unfinish a Harvest Batch
  • Create new Items
  • Update existing Items
  • Delete existing Items
  • Create New Package
  • Create Testing Sample Package
  • Change Item Name
  • Package Adjustments
  • Finish Packages
  • Unfinish Packages
  • Add new Patients
  • Update existing Patients
  • Delete existing Patients
Plant Batches
  • Create new Immature Plantings
  • Create Packages of Immature Plants
  • Change Growth Phase of Immature Plants
  • Destroy Immature Plants
  • Change Rooms
  • Change Growth Phase(s) of Plants
  • Destroy Veg & Flowering Plants
  • Manicure Plants
  • Harvest Plants
  • Create New Rooms
  • Update existing Rooms
  • Delete existing Rooms
Sales Transactions
  • Post Sales transaction information
  • Create new Strains
  • Update existing Strains
  • Delete existing Strains

Let’s talk and see how we can help your operation streamline compliance and & improve employee efficiency.

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