Dispensary software
that saves you time

Yobi smooths out the bumps and bruises of a growing business by being as flexible as you. With Yobi’s customizable workflows and intuitive UI, you’ll be amazed at how much more can be accomplished.

Power and flexibility to serve your
customers at scale

Always be in sync

Yobi keeps all data in sync across all devices. As changes are added, Yobi updates your devices in real-time so you can rest assured knowing you and the team are always up to date.

Make your software work around your needs, not the other way around

Separate or combine all aspects of the customer journey, from check-in to checkout and everything in-between. Do regulations require you to have a separate fulfillment room? Simply check the box and get going.

Keep your team focused

Keep employees on task with specialized workflows to minimize training and improve employee performance. We know you don't have time to train millennials on Windows 95 interfaces... and you shouldn't have to.

Granular reports keep your finger on the pulse

Measure product performance, spot trends, and track team performance with the click of a button. All reports are easily exported to allow uploading into services such as Quickbooks®.

Streamline revenue with Yobi's intuitive POS

The POS is the central hub for all retail operations. This hub displays all data for customers and orders in real-time as they progress through your store.

But wait, there’s more!

Dynamic Discounts

Discounts are applied automatically once the deal criteria are met, eliminating manual entry by staff members.

Automated Compliance

All transactions are sent to METRC in real-time, so you no longer have to worry about manually updating sales to maintain compliance with your state.

Batch Inventory Upload

Save time and your sanity using Yobi’s inventory upload service to add batch lists of inventory at once.