retail cannabis.

Yobi defines dispensary store management

All the features you want, and all the ones you need


Intuitive Inventory Management

Stop adding each item line by line. Simply download our excel template, fill it out, upload it, and you're done! We'll even create a purchase order for the distributor.


Order Fulfillment

Using supply chain principles, Yobi's order fulfillment system spreads the roles of each step of the sales process to increase efficiency and reduce wait times.


Customer Relationship Management

Use our custom CRM to build shopper profiles of your customers to fine-tune your marketing efforts.


Fully hosted, secure, and reliable

Using our cloud hosting configuration, half the country's internet could crash and you'll be processing orders blissfully ignorant of network troubles elsewhere. We also employ banking level encryption and security principles.


Unlimited Users

We have no arbitrary restrictions on the number of employees you allow to use our software. Whether you have 1 employee or 100, we don't care. We do, but we don't.



Yobi's POS is directly tied to all aspects of the application. All actions of customers and orders are tracked throughout the store and displayed in real time.