Part 4, and the final of our four-part series on using different types of content to market your MMJ Dispensary, we will be discussing available advertising options, both free and paid. As we briefly mentioned in Part 2, paid advertising will be limited to some degree when it comes to mainstream media marketing platforms.

You should look at paid advertising as the “cherry on top” cliche. Once you have optimized your website, done some local SEO (citation and link building), developed a content marketing and consumer review strategy, then, by all means, integrating paid advertising into your marketing campaign is an excellent way to gain even more visibility for your site and brand authority.

Social Media (Free & Paid)

Social Media will be one of those platforms that limit your ability to market adequately. Meaning, with most sites, you will be allowed to create a profile/page for your business, but you will not be able to participate with paid ads, not yet at least. Feel free to contact each one about advertising for dispensaries as their restrictions will change over time as the cannabis industry becomes more of the norm. Below are the top social media sites you should establish a presence. Once you learn how to engage and come up with a suitable ratio of promoting and providing useful information, social media can do wonders for your dispensary.


Facebook, as you probably know is a giant. Your target market will be there. Creating a page for your business allows you post info such as hours of operation, location, as well as updates about your dispensary such as articles, deals and so on.


Twitter is another popular social media platform that allows you to send 140 character messages instantly. Post videos, links to your content, company updates and more.


Known as the “professional” social media platform, LinkedIn is great for networking, sharing business updates and job opportunities. Showcasing your articles is a good way to build authority on this site.


Instagram is all about images and videos. Show your gorgeous strains, the inside of your business and friendly staff. Visuals rule on this site.


Video marketing should be a part of any marketing campaign. Using YouTube to help get your message out can bring in traffic to your website and assist with ranking for keywords/phrases as this is a Google-owned platform.

Cannabis Friendly Advertising Platforms

Mantis: A digital marketing platform that gives you access to the best cannabis websites in the industry to advertise. They offer display (banners), video, mobile and content marketing solutions.

Adistry:  A Cannabis advertising platform that lets you search and compare advertising options for digital and print.

Part 2b: We provided a short list of MMJ related sites where you can list your business. Most of these sites also allow advertising opportunities (Leafly, Weedmaps).

MassRoots: This is a social media platform for the Cannabis industry that also provides advertising options.

Something To Keep On The Backburner

PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising involves the bidding on keyword or phrases. You set the amount you want to pay for a keyword and only get billed if someone clicks on your ad.

Note: PPC is not available at the moment on top pay-per-click networks and social sites such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Yahoo Search Ads, Facebook, Twitter, and others. They will be in the future, so keep this in the back of your mind and from time to time check with these platforms to see if their restrictions have loosened when it comes to dispensaries and the Cannabis industry as a whole.


Implementing the strategies and tactics that we have discussed in this four-part series will put you in a position where you are a trusted, authoritative brand in your industry. Combining that with our state of the art Cannabis retail software will have your business being proactive instead of reactive for years to come.

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  1. Joshua

    Thanks for the guide. A great foundation and blueprint to base your strategies off of.

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