In the first part of 2(a) we gave an overview of citations. The second part of Yobi’s citations analysis will cover the value of keeping your NAP consistent.

In regards to structured citations, especially if you plan on listing your business manually on each website, take heed of the following to reap optimal results:

Always check to see if your business already listed. Search by name and phone number. If your company is listed, claim the listing and make sure all the info is correct. If you are unable to claim it, contact the site to let them know you are the owner/representative of the business. You never want to have duplicate listings.

NAP consistency, as we have stated several times, is critical. For example, if on your website you have:


Pure Kush MMJ

1234 North Parkway Circle

Denver, CO 80024


Then the above should appear the same on every citation site you sign up for; your Google My Business page, Bing Places Profile, social sites (or any site for that matter) that allow you to add business info.

Not Consistent, Not Good


1234 N. Pkwy Cir.

Denver, CO 80024


The company name should not be abbreviated, nor should North be shortened to “N.” if the abbreviations were not how you had it on your website. Same goes for “Parkway” and “Circle.” If you use dashes for your phone number, do not use dots on some other site when you sign up. Spelling and formatting of your company info should always be consistent.


You always want to be listed in the right category. For some sites, even those that accept marijuana-related businesses, “dispensary,” “marijuana dispensary” or “medical marijuana” may or may not be a category, below are some alternative classifications you may be able to list under if the above mentioned is not available.

  • Alternative Medicine
  • Holistic Health
  • Holistic Medicine Practitioner
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Cannabis Clinics
  • Medical Cannabis
  • Health & Wellness
  • Health Care Services

Once you have:

  1. A list of top citation sites. (Sign up to as many as you can within the top 50 or so.)
  2. Searched to see if you are already listed. (One listing per site.)
  3. Claimed or added your listing.
  4. Made sure all your business info is consistent with what you have on your website and GMB page. Also, fill out your profile completely.
  5. Made sure you are in the right category.
  6. Saved your login information and when you last updated a particular listing. (Use Word or Excel)

You will only have to do light maintenance if any at all from here on out. Be prepared to update each site if your business info should change (i.e. phone number or address).

Citations are an important part of a successful Local SEO campaign, however, once you have done the above basics, you are going to want to devote most your time, effort and money towards local link building tactics (Part 2b).

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