Yes, Yobi is a software company for dispensaries. However, from time to time we would like to present information that will help dispensaries succeed in areas not necessarily tied to software or in-store activities.

Medical Marijuana is becoming more of the norm across the country. As more states legalize, more MMJ dispensary owners are seeing the need and benefits of having a successful online marketing campaign.

Many factors will determine the success of an online business. This 4 part series on how to use various types of content to market medicinal marijuana dispensaries will focus on the following:

  1. Website Optimization (On-Page SEO)
  2. Local Citation and Link Building
  3. Reviews
  4. Paid Advertising

To some, these are the basics of building brand awareness. They would be right. To Yobi, we find these approaches get overlooked more often than not. These simple yet powerful methods attract, convert and turn leads into repeat customers.

Part I – Website Optimization

All the link building and paid advertisement in the world will be futile if your web design, site structure, content, and user experience is trash. Simple as that.

Search Engines want to see a properly structured website. Visitors want to find a site that is fast loading, easy to navigate with quality content that informs or solves a problem. Below are some On-Page website optimization best practices.


Having a short description on your main page is not enough. The homepage tends to be the page that gets the most links. Therefore, you should have several blurbs about the company, products and or services as this will be the page that has the best chance of ranking in the search engines. Having these blurbs will also help with keywords that you are targeting since they are directly connected.

URL Structure

Your URL structure should be simple and clean. No need for it to be long or spammed with whatever keyword you would like to rank.

Good examples:


Title Tags

Title Tags do not show on any web page; it shows in the search engine results. Google and others use to establish the theme of a page. Similar to the URL structure, you want to keep it simple and don’t spam with keywords.

Good examples:

  • Los Angeles, CA MMJ Dispensary | The Weed Shop
  • Los Angeles, CA MMJ Dispensary – The Weed Shop

You want to make sure you have your keyword and geographical location followed by a “|” or “-,” followed by the company name.

Meta Description

Similar to the Title Tags this will also not show up on any web page but in the search results under your Title Tag. This short description is used to get someone to click-through to your site.

Heading Tags

Heading tags are applied to define and differentiate the most important headings on a page. These tags are used in the code beneath the web page.


H1 (most relevant) to H6 (least relevant)

Image Alt Attribute

Again, you will not see this on any web page but within the code. Commonly used for the vision-impaired so they can tell what the image is. Putting your targeted keyword here is ideal, just don’t spam.


Internal linking is the linking from one page of your site to another page on your site. Interlinking is valuable to Google and other search engines when they crawl your site as it helps find and index other pages. It also helps visitors navigate from one page to another. Don’t over do it, keep it natural.

Fast Loading

If your website and images load slowly, you are in a world of trouble. Not only can it hurt your rankings but the ability to convert a lead. People’s attention span is short. Your load time should also be. Check your website’s speed.

Mobile Friendly

Your website HAS to be mobile friendly. Smartphone and tablet usage continues to grow as desktop usage is dropping. Your website should be responsive so that content viewed on a desktop or smartphone is seamless. Check to see if your site is mobile friendly.

NAP Schema Markup

We will discuss more on NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) in part 2 of our series. You want to have your NAP in the header or footer of every page of your site. Schema generator.

Final Thought

Doing the basics and putting what is first, first, will save you the time you will eventually have to use backtracking. What is the point of growing a strain if it does not have nutrient soil, adequate water, and sufficient lighting? Your properly optimized website is that dirt, water, and light, without it, nothing grows.

Part 2 of our short online guide will focus on the importance of Local Citation and Link Building for dispensaries.

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