If you want to stand the test of time in one of the most exciting, fastest growing industries, then you have to hire smart. Period. What makes a candidate a good hire for a dispensary operation? Quality candidates share some of these common traits according to current job postings.

1. Ability/desire to work as a team – so crucial to a well-oiled machine

2. Knowledgeable about the cannabis cultivation process – found in almost all job postings for any position

3. Passionate for the cannabis industry – can’t sell what you are not excited about

  • Trendingwomen are entering the industry feeling empowered and excited about the benefits of cannabis

4. Customer oriented/customer-centric – this industry is for the customer. Profit will follow

Hiring a Central Marketing Officer (CMO)

The “glue” to any successful customer-centric operation begins with your CMO.  Having an experienced CMO is paramount to connecting staff to the common goal of helping the customer. For more information and advice on important customer-centric strategies (the “three P’s”) and how a good CMO can make your company thrive click here.

Hiring Cannabis Sales Reps

Your “frontline” to making a customer visit more than just exchanging money for goods, but instead an experience. Good representatives are energetic/enthusiastic, highly motivated individuals who are servant minded, and willing to do the leg work such as cold calling necessary for a dispensary’s success.

Finding the most qualified sales rep

Hiring Experienced Cannabis Managers

A dispensary manager has to set the example by wanting to help those in need. Valuing this will trickle down through the ranks of your team, and leave a lasting impression on the customer when he/she leaves. A lot of responsibility rests on the manager’s shoulders to ensure cleanliness of the dispensary, financial strategies are effective, employees are being developed, and that customer satisfaction is ensured every time.

Ongoing satisfaction leads to loyalty,” says Katarína Kasalová, writer for CustomerThink.

Hiring Security for Cannabis Operations

The cannabis industry has high potential to improve the lives of customers, but is a high-risk environment that requires protection of your investment.  As this article illustrates that there is no substitute for experience when deciding who to trust with safeguarding your dispensary operation.

Want a simplified solution to managing your dispensary? Thought so. Check out Yobi to get you started.

Other Tips for hiring dispensary team members

How to not hire the wrong candidate!


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