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Smart Inventory Management

With Yobi’s smart inventory management system, each distributor’s file structure is remembered after user verification to allow us to automatically update your inventory every time you add product from that distributor. If any changes are detected, you are simply prompted to confirm the changes and it’s updated.

Supply Chain Principles

Using proven fulfillment processes from major distributors and tweaked for retail, Yobi’s order fulfillment system spreads the steps of the sales process into multiple roles to increase efficiency and reduce wait times. Allowing someone to focus on fulfilling orders freeing up the sales rep to assist the next customer is crucial as retailers become increasingly busy.


The POS is the central hub for all retail operations. This hub displays all data for customers and orders in real-time as they progress through your store.  Using our intuitive user interface, the associate is guided through their role(s) in the sales process to complete their respective tasks before the sale is passed to the next role. Since the POS is fully integrated with the rest of the management software, it allows your associates the ability to update data one time and depend on the POS to push the changes where they’re needed.

Customer Relationship Management

Yobi’s custom CRM displays a shopper profile displaying retail standard KPIs. For example, when a sales rep selects a customer to start an order, the customers’ average ticket amount, most common type and category are displayed to allow the sales rep to fine-tune the shopper experience and to better suggest items. A list of their most recent orders is also available for a quick review before greeting them.

Unlimited Registers

We have no limits on the amount of registers your store has. We make it easy to scale up or down in real-time without worrying about arbitrary limits placed on your software. Yobi focuses on the ‘service’ aspect of ‘Software as a Service’ and feel we should be empowering your business through technology, not building arbitrary limits to increase our bottom line.

Role-based Authorization for Users

Using our specialized role-based platform, you can easily set the roles and responsibilities for each associate to ensure all actions are performed by those you’ve specified as competent for that task. As your employees become trained in multiple aspects, simply add that role to their profile. This system also reduces the learning curve for new employees as they can only see the buttons and forms they are allowed to use.