A dispensary store management software is what you need to improve customer service and reduce costs while ensuring that you provide quality services to your clients and employees. An automated store management software should meet all your business needs. It should be integrated such that the different modules work together to streamline all the aspects of your operation. Below are features to consider when choosing a store management software for your dispensary:

1. Business management

The best software is the one that allows you to buy better and work more efficiently. The secret to success in business is knowledge and the provider should provide you with the knowledge to choose the best software for your dispensary. The software should be able to control all the aspects of your business and optimize your inventory control. This ensures that you maintain the best product selection for your customers.

2. Inventory control

The service provider should provide all the tools you need in managing your stock level. The software should help you print out insightful reports, track stock movement, and integrate the information with the other modules. The software should give you real-time inventory management by integrating all the aspects of your clinic, from accounting and point of sale to inventory control.

3. General ledger

The software should put you in control by providing a fast, simple, and error free way of managing your business. It should allow you to view, enter, report, and print data quickly and efficiently. Pre-built ledger reports such as income and expense statements and balance sheets are an added advantage as they can help you compare revenues from different periods. These reports can also help you gather and evaluate data from the general ledger perspective.

4. Serial number tracking

The inventory management software should have serial number tracking capabilities that help you manage your stock and know where to get what you need. The provider has to provide all the tools you need to buy, sell, track, and receive a product. Serialized inventory helps you keep track of all your items, track recalls, manage product warranty, and reduce fraud. The serial number retains all the history from the purchase order to the invoice you sold them on. The number can help you get the invoice number, customer name, the date, as well as the price at which they bought an item.

5. Admin and control

A good software empowers the employees to improve their performance, without compromising confidential data. Data security is one important factor that many people tend to overlook. However, a good inventory management software should offer some approaches to data security so that if one fails, another will catch it, which gives you peace of mind. Also, you need to have a password so that only the right people access the store.

6. Email marketing

An effective software helps you increase efficiency, saving you time and money. The provider should not just write software, but look for a business problem and work towards solving it. Software that helps you carry out your marketing without managing or exporting separate contact lists or emails is the best to consider. Such software can integrate your inventory and customer information and create content for your emails without having to worry about any technicalities behind it.

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