Yobi Has One Goal:

Simplify the Cannabis Business Ecosystem.

Our sophisticated, user-friendly software streamlines and automates inventory management at all levels—from cultivation to retail—helping licensed operators grow their businesses by making their lives easier and taking the headaches out of compliance, reporting, and inventory management.

Real-Time Sales Reporting

Sales are reported to the METRC compliance API in real-time, removing the need to export sales and import into METRC's application

Pre-Populate Purchase Orders

Yobi pre-populates purchase orders with package and quantity information from accepted transfer manifests from METRC's API.

Inventory Reconciliation

When reconciling cannabis and non-cannabis inventory, all changes made in Yobi will be reflected in METRC if that item is tracked by the state and has a valid package or plant tag.

Always Be in Sync

Improve Visibility Across Your Operations

Yobi keeps your data synced across all devices. As changes are added, Yobi updates all devices in real-time, so you can rest assured you and your team are always up-to-date.

Retail Operations Management

Defining What Cannabis Retail Operations Can Be

Yobi leverages the experience building bleeding-edge retail technology for global brands and applies them to the heavily regulated retail cannabis space. We employ retail operational best practices and offer industry KPI’s to provide relevant data to enable you to make educated business decisions.

Grow Management

Manage Your Cultivations the Way You’ve Always Wanted

Our cultivation tech leans on our decades of experience tracking the chain-of-custody for items in both the public and private sectors. Yobi utilizes industry best practices to provide an intuitive and actionable platform that enables the user to make informed decisions.

What Our Customers Have To Say​

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